Weight Loss

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  • Liquid Ice™ Ice Wrap Professional

    The Ice Wrap Professional brings the patented technology of controlled cooling to the world of sport, rehabilitation and medical treatment. The advantage of these wraps is that they provide extended cooling with a constant temperature. Because they apply just like a bandage there is an ideal coverage of the treated surfaces. Traditional cold packs from the freezer do not have these features. They are too cold at first and then warm up quickly.

    • Gradual cooling effect without thermal shock
    • Cools the surface with 15 ° C
    • Constant cooling for two hours
    • Combined cooling and compression
    • No freezer required
    • Used by athletes, physiotherapists and doctors
    • Sports Product of the Year 2002
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  • Liquid Ice™ Active Active Cellulite Reducer

    The revolutionary way to tackle cellulite! Until today mainly used in beauty salons, but now also available for home use. The Active Cellulite Reducer combines a controlled cooling using ice wraps with active ingredients. This strengthen the collagen and spreads fat cells, making the skin tighter and firmer.

    • Clear difference after three treatments
    • Strengthens collagen and distributes fat cells
    • Moisturizes and softens with active ingredients
    • Ideal in combination with the Active Fat Reducer
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  • Liquid Ice™ Active Fat Reducer

    The revolutionary way to lose weight without workout or surgery. Until today mainly used in beauty salons, but now also available for home use. The Active Fat Reducer combines controlled cooling via ice wraps with active ingredients to boost the metabolism and start the fat burning process locally.

    • Phase I: Coenzyme A ensures that the fat is released
    • Phase II: L-Carnitine carries fat away
    • Phase III: Caffeine speeds up and extends the process
    • Phase IV: Cooling increases the metabolism and accelerates fat reduction
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